Return to School Plan for 2020-21

In response to the Covid-19 Pandemic, SLArts has worked to develop a plan for instruction for the 2020-21 School Year that considers Student and Family needs, operational possibilities, and Teacher health and safety. 


To gather data for our decision making we surveyed parents of current and incoming SLArts students in May of 2020 about lessons learned from our remote learning last Spring. We also surveyed students to determine their opinions on what worked and what needed more attention during remote learning.  While Salt Lake City remains in a "Moderate" Covid-19 risk level, SLArts will be opening school this fall with Remote delivery of our Blended Learning Schedule. As Covid-19 risk decreases in Salt Lake City, SLArts will move to an In-Person delivery of the Blended Learning Schedule. Each mode of delivery offers small class size for teacher/student engagement, and makes social distancing possible when in the school building.


Finally, we have incorporated requirements and recommendations from the Utah Department of Health and the State Office of Education into our plan. A full Return to School Plan showing SLArts' compliance with requirements and recommendations from the Utah State Board of Education is available HERE.


Points of Input from Stakeholder Feedback

    •      Teaching plans and schedules must be flexible enough to accommodate a shift to fully remote learning at some point during the year.
    • Students need to see their Teachers and friends in person.

      Students need more rigor in their workload and need to be held accountable for that work.

      Families need a schedule they can plan around, preferably the same for each of their SLArts students.

      Teachers need planning time to develop rich, engaging blended learning lessons.

      Social distancing measures demand a reduced number of people in the building at any given time.

      Safety protocols and procedures need to be developed for hygiene at school and at home.


How SLArts Is Preparing to Open School

Creating training documents, videos and virtual/remote training sessions for Students and Families to support success in Blended Learning


Intensive Cleaning and Preparation of Classrooms
  New cleaning and janitorial schedule for school.
Planning for Protocols for Student transitions – coming to school, leaving school, moving from class to class, lunch and break time.
Forming Parent Support Groups by neighborhood.
  Creating Supply Lists for Students – Every student will be prepared with their own “tool kit,” to minimize sharing of supplies.
A site-specific detailed Return to School plan covering safety, hygiene and more will be prepared, submitted to the Utah State Board of Education and posted to by August 1.


What is the Blended Learning Schedule?


      Students are split into two cohorts of 204 students each (52 per grade). Every effort will be made to place siblings in the same cohort so that they attend in-person school on the same day.


      Class size is capped at 12 – 14 kids in a classroom at a time.


      Students are instructed by Teachers two full days per week - either via Zoom when in Remote Mode or in the classroom during In-Person Mode -- and are expected to do schoolwork at home the other two full days at home. Fridays will be a Remote Learning short day with an Advisory Check-In and Teacher Office Hours.


      Students will take Math, Science, Humanities, Arts and PE.  Fifth Graders will alternate PE with Digital Learning and Mindfulness. 


      On “Blended Learning at Home” days students will follow the same school-day schedule for some synchronous learning opportunities (Zooming in to a Math class, a science project, or getting instructions from a Teacher.)


      Some “Blended Learning at Home” days will be spent working on assignments that are “front loading,” preparing students for what comes the next day in class.


      Fridays will be Remote for all students. Teachers will hold Virtual Office Hours, and all students will check in with their Advisory Group. Students will also have a Blended Learning assignment on Fridays.


      Multiple trainings will be held for Students and Parents -- virtually, in person and made available for reference -- before school starts and during the school year, to support students and families through Blended Learning.


      Safety and Hygiene Protocols will be taught, practiced, posted and followed, throughout the school.


When we come back to the building, what should Students bring to School?


      Face masks - All students and staff are required to wear Face Masks except when eating lunch. If students forget their mask they may pick up a mask from the office.


      Backpacks - Students will not use lockers this year, to minimize contact in hallways. Backpacks may be used in class this year, to contain individual students’ supplies and lunches.


      Tool Kit -- We are asking Students to bring supplies they will use in their classes with them each day, to avoid sharing. We will send a "Tool Kit" list of supplies to families before coming back to school In Person. Families who need help assembling their Tool Kit can receive help from the front office.


      Water Bottle - Water Fountains will be disabled, please make sure your student has something to fill up at school.


      Disinfecting Wipes - One package per classroom