Covid Testing and Quarantine Info

It will truly take a village to keep our Students, Families,Teachers and Staff healthy this year. We are imploring parents to keep an eye on your children's health, and please keep your student home if they are showing any signs of illness. 
While it is in effect, Salt Lake Arts Academy students, teachers, staff and visitors will comply with Mayor Erin Mendenhall's emergency mask mandate in K-12 schools. All students, teachers, staff and visitors must be masked inside our school building.
Tracking Covid cases in our community is important because it tells us how well our mitigation strategies are working.  Reporting positive Covid cases helps us understand how to keep kids in In-Person School.  Covid Testing is readily available now, to anyone exhibiting symptoms. Here is a list of Covid testing sites throughout the valley!
The Salt Lake County Health Department is our local Health Department, and they are the official organization that our school must work with on Contact Tracing for Covid cases. It's very important that parents verify a home test with an official Covid test from a health care provider where positive cases are reported to the Salt Lake County Health Department. 

While you wait for the results of a Covid test your student must remain isolated at home. If the Covid Test is positive, your student must quarantine for 10 days from the symptom onset.  


If  there is a positive Covid case in a classroom where all students in a classroom are wearing masks, ONLY the positive Covid case must quarantine. 


 Students who are exposed at school, and who are unvaccinated and/or not wearing masks at the time of exposure must quarantine 10 days from the last day of exposure. Alternatively, If an exposed student has not developed symptoms, they may return to school after taking a test on day 7 of quarantine, if the results of that test are negative.


Students who are vaccinated, and exposed at school, may stay in school.  Students who are masked, and exposed at school may stay in school.


If a classroom has a positive case where that student was NOT wearing a mask, all students in the classroom are considered exposed unless they are vaccinated and/or wearing an N95 or KN95 mask. Students who do not develop symptoms may return to school after taking a test on day 7 of quarantine, if the results of that test are negative.


Please see below for the official Salt Lake County Health Department quarantine guidance for schools as of 8/18/21.