SLArts Facilities Expansion - Request for Proposals, Awarded Contract

In August of 2019,  SLArts Governing Board requested proposals from qualified Contractors to construct a 4,000 square foot addition to our existing school building.  The addition is a continuation of SLArts' Arts Wing construction, finishing out the original plan to include additional classroom space over the Commons area.  Based on feedback from the SLArts community in our 2018 Strategic Planning Survey, the Governing Board has made the decision to maximize our current facility to the best of our ability, in order to reduce class size and maintain the small school culture that our community values. The expansion project is predicated on SLArts' successfully re-financing the school's current bond debt this fall. Upon successful Bond Re-Financing, the full expansion project will be announced to the community.
The addition will provide SLArts with three new classrooms, built as a second story on top of our existing Commons space.  These new classrooms will enhance the student experience by making it possible to reduce class size, and make better use of instructional spaces within our facility. 
The Governing Board accepted bids from qualified contractors within the timeframe laid out in the RFO, reviewed the submitted bids from two firms, and has awarded the bid to Paulsen Construction. The Scoring Sheet used in the contractor selection is below; cost was the determining factor.  Please see the RFP for more details on the project and the selection process.