Salt Lake Arts Academy

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Faculty Directory

Faculty Directory

Dan Armstrong, Mathematics [email protected]

Judson Armstrong, Instrumental Music, [email protected]
Lindsey Bayles, Humanities 7/8, [email protected]
Jason Call, Humanities 7/8, [email protected]
Michael Clark, Science 8, [email protected]
Amy Conn, PE / Reading Specialist  [email protected]
Karin Fenn, Dance [email protected]
Kathleen Ferdon, After School Coordinator, [email protected]

Lamar Holley, Humanities 5/6, [email protected]
Norma Iglesias, Math 5 and 7 [email protected]
Kevin Lee, Humanities 5/6, [email protected]
Karen Lynne, Humanities 5/6, [email protected]
JoAnna Matthes, Academic Support, [email protected]
Henry Miller, Digital Arts, [email protected]
Katherine Pioli, PE, [email protected]
Betsy Revenaugh, Science 7, [email protected]
Nathan Rickett, Math [email protected]

Dan Rose, Math 5, Science 5, [email protected]

Ann Simms, Math, [email protected]

Scott Sorenson, Special Education, [email protected]
Rebecca Travis, Humanities 7/8, [email protected]
Merrilee Wahl, Special Ed, [email protected]
Jeni White, Science 6 [email protected]
Elizabeth Wilson, Visual Arts  [email protected]
Holly Winn, Drama, [email protected]