SLArts Challenge

SLArts Challenge Program

The SLArts Challenge gives our students opportunities to explore the world in deeper, more complex ways, through a variety of subjects. The SLArts Challenge will ask students to make personal commitments to extend their learning, to hone their critical thinking skills, develop planning and goal-setting skills and to learn to “show what they know” in new ways.  The SLArts Challenge highlights two educational hallmarks of Salt Lake Arts Academy -- cross-curricular integration and our unique assessment rubric.  (To learn more about SLArts Assessment Rubric, look at "Grading and Assessment" in this section.)
The SLArts Challenge is similar to an “honors” program in that it invites our students who crave more academic rigor to really stretch their wings and “dig in” deeper to a subject or subjects.  In each of our classrooms, teachers are designing curriculum that allows students to add depth and complexity to their work as they become more proficient in each subject.  

The SLArts Challenge is different from a traditional “honors” program in that it is open to any student willing to put in the time and effort required to complete a SLArts Challenge Project.  Teachers will be designing projects that students can complete in each of our academic and arts classes that require students to delve more deeply into a subject, and produce a work product that shows the depth and breadth of their understanding. Students may earn an "honors" designation in a class by completing a certain number of SLArts Challenge projects during a semester.