Virtual Classroom Schedule and Resources

While Salt Lake Arts Academy is dismissed in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic, this is the place where our families and students can access current information about our Remote Learning Plan.  
Our Administration and Faculty are  working to ensure every student's continuity of learning during this challenging time. Please email Heather Shepherd, [email protected], if your family needs to borrow a Chromebook for your student to use at home during the dismissal.
Making a Student Learning Schedule -- As we all get more "in the swing" of virtual learning, we encourage students and parents to work together to make a schedule for students to follow at home, that works for each family's particular needs. During this time, your students will be meeting with their core academic and arts Teachers for Humanities, Math, Science and their main Arts class.  Our PE Teachers will be sending weekly emails with fun and healthy activities for kids and families to try, but you won't be meeting with them regularly (unless a PE Teacher is your Advisor!). We are pausing Elective classes for now. 
Your Google Classroom "To Do" List -- In the left hand bar, at the top of your Google Classroom pages, you will see "To Do List." Click on this and a list of all your student's Google Classroom assignments, with due dates, will appear for each Google Classroom class your student is enrolled in.
Blank Virtual Classroom Schedule and Weekly Remote Planner for Families (download and print!) -- Please take a minute to look at your student's schedule in COMPASS, then locate their classes on the Virtual Classroom Schedule.  Classes are listed by Subject and Period (i.e. Humanities, Grades 5 and 6, Period 5)  Then, write down YOUR schedule on the Blank Virtual Classroom Schedule we've included below. After you've marked the times and days your classes are meeting by ZOOM, choose some blocks of time to work on your assignments and attend your ZOOM Advisory class. Then, we invite you to check out the Weekly Remote Planner for Families to  block out times you are doing things with your family - eating lunch, helping care for siblings, exercising, etc. Our Teachers want you to know that the most important thing right now is connecting with family and with each other!
You might want to use this a jumping-off place to work together to make your own family's schedule of SLArts online learning and family activities.