After School Autumn 'Extras'

What a challenging adventure of a school year we have before us!  Now that we have gotten into the (remote) swing of things, the Salt Lake Arts Academy is offering just a few extras to add to your week for those who are interested. 
Our After School ON-LINE / OFF-SITE Extras are fun, engaging classes & clubs that will be more than resources to read or activities to try on your own, but real-time with teachers who are excited to share their passions and expertise in a new way. We all get to experiment!
Our schedule is different, cost is reduced, and there are fewer offerings available, however we still hope to connect and explore, to try some new activities, or have a place to keep some favorite arts & activities alive and available. See the list below for more details, and sign up to register here:
"Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to
look at things in a different way." 
Edward de Bono  
Thank you for taking this journey with us this year!
DRAMA GAMES / closed - Full
On Tuesdays OR Wednesday, join us for Imaginative theater games that will have you on your feet, spouting adjectives, telling stories, and defining the essential 4 W's -- the What, Why, Where, and Who necessary to every scene and story. We'll tell group stories, incorporate our senses into each scene, and listen & learn to work as a dynamic team. Learn some of the basic games that led to Second City and SNL. Improvisation builds trust and confidence in a fun, supportive manner. Trust yourself, improve your public speaking, and best of all share tons of laughs!
Instructor: Holly Winn
~ All Grades / $95 / On-campus -- both Indoor & Outside at our SLArts campus ~ with temperature checks, strict social distancing, and masks required at all times
~ Tuesday class times: Nov 3, 10, 17, Dec 1, 8, 15
~ Wednesday class times: Nov 4, 11, 18, Dec 2, 9, 16 (No class during the week of Thanksgiving)
~ Tues and Wed classes begin at approximately 3:45 pm / One hour
~ select openings available
Let's keep our music alive, explore new territory, co-create, and share music in Duos, Trios, & Quartets! Explore playing, transcribing, and taking charge of what we discover together via ZOOM. What kind of music do you all want to play? Some jazz, rock, pop, Celtic, or fusion? Whether it's winds, strings, or other musical things, we'll see how our virtual group plays together to communicate and express ourselves musically.
Instructor: Corinne Cummings
~ Intermediate players only, All instruments welcome  / $95 for 6 meet-ups
~ One hour ZOOM session, Weekly small-group collaborations 
~ By appointment with Instructor
~ openings available
Primarily an introduction or continuation for the beginning student of guitar, Glenn Livengood, a former student of Judson Armstrong and now a classical guitarist himself, will challenge and accommodate different level learners over ZOOM. Instruction includes the fundamentals of technique, reading notes & tabs, and playing chords. Limited to 8 students. 
Instructor: Glenn Livengood
~ All Grades / $85 for 8 weeks on Tuesday & Thursday 
~ Begins Thursday, Oct 8, ends Dec 15  (no class during Fall Break & Thanksgiving)
~ Class starts at 4:00 pm / 45 minutes long ZOOM session
~ openings still available 
These Individual or small-group lessons will be based on Classical training to build strength and flexibility while also exploring musical concepts that are universal from Classical/Baroque to Romantic, Impressionistic and modern --- some jazz, rock, pop, Celtic, and fusion. Let's have fun making music, creating music, and learning wonderful ways to communicate and express ourselves!
Instructor: Corinne Cummings
~ All Grades / $95 for 3 initial sessions
~ One hour ZOOM session, One-on-one, or small-group instruction 
~ By appointment with Instructor
~ openings available
Just as the name implies, students will be meeting up for Running, walking, or hiking together with Mr. T. in three different areas in or near downtown SLC. Each location --- Liberty Park, Sugarhouse Park, or Research Park near Red Butte Gardens in the foothills --- will be rotated through two times. Please sign up for one day, and know you are welcome to show up on the other one if you want more time together outside at no extra cost. All levels are welcome. Students will be asked to practice safe social distancing & mask-up! 
Instructor: Jeremy Theriot, aka. Mr. T 
~ All Grades & All Levels / $65 for 6 weeks on Monday &/or Thursday
~ Liberty Park, Sugarhouse Park, Natural History Museum (foothills), alternating sites 
~ Begins Monday, Oct 19 following for 6 weeks
~ Drop-Off time 3:45 pm / Ends at 5:00 pm, Mr. T will be in touch with details for the meet-ups!
~ openings available
The exceptional CPM Math program is featured in our daily classrooms, as it will be in this tutoring session with either our amazing Math teacher at SLArts, Norma Iglesias, as well as former SLArts student, now UofU student, Andrew Ferdon. Both have been offering extra assistance in our Math Tutorial After School classes in prior years, and are excited to assist students with their growth mindset while developing strategies to understand math concepts and solve mathematical problems. Whether brushing up on concepts from last year, gaining proficiency for current curriculum, or going into more depth for something coming up, working in either small groups or one-on-one via ZOOM provides that extra piece of assistance. 
Instructors: Norma Iglesias, Andrew Ferdon
~ All Grades / $65 for 3 initial sessions
~ 45 min ZOOM session, One-on-one (or small group) instruction --- Ms. Iglesias/small group based on content/grade level, or Andrew/Individual lessons
~ By appointment with Instructor
~ Openings available
Students who are excited about sharing current events, interviews, movie reviews, creative writing, photography, illustration, poetry, and whatever we believe will interest our school community will be pulling our periodical together with pizzazz! There is so much to share, but we will make the tough choices and figure out what's fit to print! . Limited to approximately 8 students. 
Instructor: Corinne Cummings
~ All Grades / $85 for 8 weeks on Fridays 
~ Begins Friday, Oct 9, ends Dec 11  (no class during Fall Break & Thanksgiving)
~ Class starts at 2:00 pm / One hour ZOOM session
~ openings available
Enter the world of small press by creating our own zines and mini-comics! We'll explore different components of self-publishing --- printmaking, page layout, comic creation, graphic design, creative writing, book-binding, collage making and more! Limited to 8 students. 
Instructor: Bonnie Cooper
~ All Grades / $85 for 8 weeks on Fridays
~ Begins Friday, Oct 23, ends Dec 11  (no class during Fall Break & Thanksgiving)
~ Class starts at 3:00 pm / One hour ZOOM session
~ openings available
Our German SPARKS program is closed/full at this time. 
Questions?  [email protected]