TUESDAY / Term One + Fall Semester

Come join Mestre Jamaika and discover the vibrant Brazilian dance/martial art form that is Capoeira! Students will learn about the culture and community through music, movement, and song. Create the connection with Salt Lake Capoeira here at our school while really moving your body and having a great time with others. Instructor: Mestre Jamaika & Volta Miúda ~ Check out their website at  saltlakecapoeira.com
~ ALL Grades / ($100 + $20 material fee)  Total Cost $125
~ TERM ONE begins Tuesday, Aug 29 / ends Oct 31
~ Class ends at 4:15 pm / ONE HOUR CLASS
Students will produce original comic strips and create the characters and storyline (and some of the artwork) for an original graphic novel. Model lessons will come from the works of Charles Schulz (creator of Peanuts), Bill Watterson (creator of Calvin & Hobbes), Raina Telgemeier (creator of graphic novels Smile, Sisters, and Guts), and others! Students will discover the joy of drawing and how to find subjects in their lives and the world around them.
Instructor: Lamar Holley
~ ALL Grades / ($200 + $15 fee) Total Cost $215
~ FALL SEMESTER begins Tuesday, Aug 29 / ends Jan 9
~ Class ends at 4:15 pm / ONE HOUR CLASS
Let's head up to the mountains for some crisp air & the most incredible views Utah can offer! We'll pay close attention to the pace of the group as a whole while we move with Denny-Jo as she shows us some favorite trails and areas. Don't forget those comfortable toe-covered shoes & a water bottle!
Instructor: Denny-Jo Rowe
~ ALL Grades / ($200 + $15 material fee)  Total Cost $215 prorate amount: $145, last week to sign up
~ TERM ONE begins Tuesday, Aug 29, ends Oct 24, no Hiking Club on Oct 31, Halloween
~ Class ends at 5:15 pm / TWO HOUR CLASS
Are you up for fabrics, fibers, and fun with friends? This relaxed and friendly afternoon explores new and familiar materials to create unique, hand-made projects. Learn a new skill, or practice & expand a skill with a material you already love .... every week there are new choices to jump into (if you aren't engrossed with an earlier project). Experiment with crochet, knitting, embroidery, or macrame, just to name a few, and create hand stitched treasures, small accessories, garlands, or any number of items to keep or give as gifts. Hang with friends while you fall for fiber arts!  Instructor: Karin Fenn
~ ALL Grades / ($300 + $30 material fee) Total Cost $330 / Pay in two parts, $165 each term
~ FALL SEMESTER begins Tuesday, Aug 29, ends Jan 9
~ Class ends at 4:45 pm / 1.5 HOUR CLASS
Want to make a difference in the world? Get together once a week with this fun, can-do crew to lend a hand in the community. We will seek to understand the need, provide a way to serve, and most certainly enjoy that amazing feeling that only comes from doing something from the heart. We welcome, kids, adults, and entire families in this group that aims to be an extension of the heart of the SLARTS community. If you want to volunteer alongside your student, please submit your interest here: https://bit.ly/YGTVolunteer. Please specify if you are interested in helping You Goat This administer this group on a regular basis and/or you have service ideas to share, please get in touch! Instructor: YouGoatThis, Owner & operator Nick Vienneau
~ ALL Grades ~ Limited to six students (unless we have Parent Volunteers)  / Total Cost $150
~ TERM ONE begins Tuesday, Aug 29, ends Oct 31
~ Class ends at 5:15 pm / TWO HOUR CLASS
Girls on the Run is an after school program that inspires girls of all abilities to be joyful, healthy, and confident using lessons that combine relationship building, community impact, and goal setting with physical movement. We welcome children who identify as girls, nonbinary, and gender-noncomforming. Come run with us!
Instructors: One GOTR Coach, and seeking 1-2 Parent Volunteer Coaches* (You do not need to be a runner in order to volunteer for this role!)
~ ALL Grades / Total Cost $195, with sliding scale available on Girls On the Run website https://www.girlsontherunutah.org/
~ TERM ONE + 3 weeks in November: class begins Tuesday, Sept 5, ends Nov 18, with 5K in Sugarhouse Park
~ This class meets TWICE A WEEK on TUESDAY + THURSDAY here at SLArts!
~ Class ends at 4:30 pm / 1.25 HOUR CLASS
Extra math assistance and instruction in small groups from our Math faculty & others familiar with our CPM Math curriculum. Our grade level groups focus on both math homework completion while also developing conceptual math understanding. Math Tutorial continues all year long, but registration occurs per term to allow for flexibility in students’ changing schedules and proficiency. Math Tutorial is offered on Tuesday AND/OR Thursday.
Faculty Instructors: Dan Armstrong, Melissa Hollingshaus, Nate Christensen, Jake Paszko, and more.  
~ ALL Grades / ($100 per day) Tuesday Cost $100
~ TERM ONE, begins Tueday, Aug 29 / ends Oct 31
~ Class ends at 4:15 pm / ONE HOUR CLASS
~ Math Tutorial is also offered on Thursday
Need a chance to get your homework done before your busy afternoon and evening activities? Students focus on their work or silent reading in a quiet, supervised 'study hall.' Sign up for for day or the week, or more, depending upon your needs. Homework Hall continues all year long, but registration occurs per term to allow for flexibility in students' changing after school schedules. Homework Hall is offered Monday through Thursday.
Instructors: Varies by day 
~ ALL Grades / ($65 per term for Tuesdays) Tuesday Cost $65
~ TERM ONE, begins Tuesday, Aug 29 / ends Oct 31
~ Class ends at 4:15 pm / ONE HOUR CLASS
Downtime AFTER our enrolled after school classes, this unstructured, but supervised time is different than Homework Hall or our other activity-based classes. Socialize, play games, and just hang out until a parent or pick-up arrives. If your child does not head out by themselves for the bus, biking, walking, carpool or TRAX, this is a great option AFTER our other AFTER SCHOOL offerings. 
~ ALL Grades / ($45 for Tuesday all term) Total Cost $45, for Tuesdays only
~ Cost for Monday--Thursday ($150 per Term)
~ TERM ONE begins Tuesday, Aug 29, ends Oct 31
~ Class BEGINS when your child's first Tuesday class ends,  Extended Day ends at 5:30