Payment is due in full at the time of registration in order to hold your child's place in the class. We use Instant Payments through our website which accepts all major credit cards or checks. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are not taking Cash payments without appointments.   Parents/Guardians will receive an electronic receipt and confirmation via email.


Drop-Off for OFF-SITE class ONLY --- There are NO ON-SITE camps being held at the school.

There are NO classes being held at the physical site of the Salt Lake Arts Academy at 844 South 200 East due to both construction at our facility, as well as Covid-19. Check-In/drop-off and Pick-Up for Bowling League will take place at Bonwood Bowl with Dan Armstrong. Running Club is either via zoom or meeting at Liberty Park with social distancing & masks required.


Dismissal at the End of class and Pick-Up

As a downtown school, we consider ourselves situated on an "Urban Campus" --- meaning we are within areas with both rich cultural resources and very diverse populations. As is the case during our school year, it is up to parents to determine how to have their child head home from our camps in the best way that works for their family. 
When a class wraps up, students and/or their parent/guardian signs out with their teacher. 


Refund / Class Change Policy

Requests to drop a class and/or requests for refunds must be made via email to  [email protected]  (Program Director). Parents/Legal Guardians are responsible for dropping all desired classes for their children before the drop deadline. No refunds will be issued after the drop deadline passes.


No refunds will be given for any days/weeks missed due to vacation or illness (though credit for another class may be possible upon Summer Director's approval). No refunds will be issued in the event of a student dismissal due to behavior. Please contact the school and Summer Program Director if you have extenuating circumstances beyond the student or parent control and we will work with you to come up with a reasonable solution. Written/signed document(s) may be requested and released to the Salt Lake Arts Academy for verification with Summer Program Director regarding stated extenuating circumstances. 

Cancellation of Class

If fewer than the minimum number of students enroll, the camp will be canceled. Parents will be notified in advance and will receive a full refund. Online Summer camps require a minimum enrollment of 3-4 students before they can be held.


Tuition Assistance

A number of scholarships are available based on financial need as well as class size/enrollment numbers. Please fill out a Tuition Assistance Request form and submit to the Summer Program Director. You will be notified when the scholarship becomes available. A PDF is attached below.


Discipline Policy

We follow a RISE model during our school year of Respect, Integrity, Safety, and Empathy/Kindness which is also a primary expectation to learn and have fun over our [email protected] program. We hold students accountable and responsible for their actions and treatment of themselves and others and expect a willingness and ability to abide by these principles. A repeatedly disruptive student detracts from the wonder, excitement, and enjoyment of each other and the environment. If a student necessitates the intervention of the Program Director to manage behavior and the parent needs to be called, students may be dismissed from camp at that time, or asked not to continue after that day. Due to the novel nature of Covid-19 (and no vaccine yet), as well as a desire to implement best health practices to help stop community spread, any classes which have any meetings in person will be holding students accountable to maintain social distancing and the availability/use of a mask in the proper manner. 

There is a ZERO tolerance policy for tobacco, liquor, weapons of any kind, or illegal drugs sold, used, or possessed during attendance of any [email protected] Program. (This includes smoking or any vaping materials.) Students may be dismissed for disciplinary reasons and/or safety of the other children and staff. If my child is suspended or expelled from camp for any reason, no refund will be given. The Salt Lake Arts Academy agrees that such suspension/expulsion will not be arbitrary or capricious. 

Cell Phone and Device Policy

We recognize that your child may have the need to bring a cell phone for communication purposes. However, cell phone usage during class is not permitted unless the teacher has specifically requested its use. Please leave tablets and game devices at home. 


Considering most classes and camps will be held ONLINE, it is expected that students abide by the expectations of the Instructor. We ask that video be turned on (unless technical difficulties are the issue), and audio is muted, unless the Instructor requests otherwise or the student is speaking to the group. Efforts should be made to keep backgrounds as neutral and avoiding distractions. Attention is expected and will make for a much more enjoyable experience for everyone. We are all getting used to "best practices" while participating in zoom classes, so your willingness to learn and follow the lead of the Instructor (as they also learn!) makes it all the more fun!



Campers are required to STAY HOME should ANY symptom of Covid-19 present itself in your child. Parents will be called IMMEDIATELY for pick-up if symptoms are present with any Off-Site camp, club, or class. We seek to ensure the safety of our students/campers and their families at all times. The Salt Lake Arts Academy cannot guarantee your child will not contract Covid-19 and will not be held responsible for this occurrence should this happen. Masks must be worn in public facilities, and social distancing will be practiced as much as possible for any in-person activities. Almost all of our classes are ONLINE at this time and should not be an issue. Should your child feel ill at home, please give them the time to rest. Let's do our best to stay healthy!