Rickett's Math

Hello folks,

My name is Nate Rickett. I never knew I wanted to be a teacher until I met the students at Salt Lake Arts Academy. I studied Physics and Computer Science at the University of Utah. I changed my mind and majored in Mathematics. I went on to study Mathematical Biology for a while with an focus on neuroscience.

During my first year of college, I had a roommate ask me for help with his math homework. Afterwards he casually commented that I should become a math tutor. Being a poor college student, I went for it. I tutored college courses for about seven years, during which time I started getting business at local private high schools. Some time five years ago several of my student’s parents started inquiring, “Why aren’t you a teacher?” Then one of those parents spoke with Ms. Simms while she was walking her dog, and I’ve been at this school since.

I have long been of the opinion that the greatest way to remember something is to understand it completely, and the best way to do that is to explain it to other people. Other people bring their own variety of experience to the table when trying to wrap their brains around something new. Often, you must struggle for a long time to find the paths they have available to lead them to understanding what you understand. What you think you know about a thing, suddenly has hundreds of different, but equally beautiful interpretations, and you’ll never forget the feeling, so you’ll never forget the concept.

I’m looking forward to an exciting and challenging year with you all.
Mr. Rickett