Lamar Holley - Humanities and Songwriting

Hello! Thanks for visiting my page. My name is Lamar Holley. I have been an elementary and middle school teacher since January of 2002, and I have been here at Salt Lake Arts Academy since August of 2009. 
I grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado, where I did a lot of songwriting, filmmaking, and drawing comics. I attended CSU and CU Boulder, where I studied Film, BYU, where I received my music degree, and WGU, where I received my Elementary Education teaching license. 
Our Humanities curriculum centers around Ancient History during Year A (odd years) and Middle Ages and Renaissance during Year B (even years). Songwriting Workshop focuses on the craft of writing lyrics and music. 
I'm extremely passionate about the subjects I teach. The beauty and lessons of literature give perspective to life, and studying history is like traveling through time to understand people and places that shaped the world we live in now. My favorite aspect of teaching, however, is seeing what my students create in writing! I treasure each project as I hear the unique, creative, and insightful ideas that come from these brilliant young minds. 
Mr. Holley teaches Humanities (5th- and 6th-grade) and Songwriting. He lives in Bountiful with his wife and six children.