Annual Campaign

DancersMagic occurs every day at Salt Lake Arts Academy.
A shy and reserved kid discovers the performer inside himself in the Drama room.  An athlete connects her love of music with her body's strength and agility in the Dance room.
When a cello player recognizes a mathematical pattern in Music class, and when busy adolescent brains connect hands to tools in the Art studio, ideas become real.
Daily arts experiences transform a student's engagement in school. 
At SLArts we teach students "creative habits of mind" to use in the classroom, and in life. We work to help kids understand how to collaborate, practice, persevere and look at a problem through many different lenses, and imagine different outcomes.
The SLArts Magic is made possible by YOU - our community of teachers, parents, grandparents and friends!
Every year, your donations to the Annual Campaign let us offer a program unlike any other public middle school in our city, where every kid - regardless of background or experience, engages in joyful, enriched learning enhanced by the arts.
As a Charter School, SLArts receives about $500 less government funding per student, compared to other schools in Salt Lake City.  We turn to parents, grandparents and friends to help us bridge that gap!
We ask every member of our community – parents, grandparents, faculty, staff and alumni to participate in the Annual Campaign.  Your donation can be made over a period of months, and we can arrange automatic payments if you like.  We hope that every family will make a gift that is meaningful to your personal situation -- every single gift is meaningful and important to our school.
What does your gift fund?  Four full-time Arts Specialists offering daily arts education, rich programs, performances and exhibits they produce with our students. Putting the most current technology directly into the hands of students and teachers - more important than ever before! Hands-on science equipment and materials, for all grades. Supporting our students who receive Fee Waivers.
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Does your company match your gift? Many companies will match their employees’ contribution, making your donation go even farther!  Contact [email protected] with questions about matching gifts, and any other questions you might have about the Campaign!