Annual Campaign

Building Creative Minds

How do you build a creative mind? Observe your world. Look through different lenses. Pause to reflect. Connect. Persevere. Refine your craft. 

At Salt Lake Arts Academy we believe these practices are the building blocks of critical thinking and creativity - helping us succeed in school, and beyond.

Our middle school program is not like any other in our city.  It is designed to pair rigorous academic expectations in math, science and humanities with daily arts experiences in dance, drama, music and visual arts.  Engaging in the arts every day builds a foundation for joyful learning, across disciplines, for 10-14 year olds. 

Our tuition free public charter school is a special place, but our unique program costs more than our public funding covers. In fact, SLArts receives $500 less per student in public funding than other public schools in Salt Lake City. This is why we turn to our community of parents, grandparents, friends, teachers and staff to help us bridge that gap, through making donations to the Annual Campaign. 

Your donations to SLArts are: supporting five full-time arts educators; funding dedicated arts classrooms, with performing space, equipment and supplies; giving the most current classroom technology to our  Generation Z students; providing opportunities for all students to participate in school activities; keeping classes small,  for meaningful peer and teacher connections; delivering at least one hour of arts education, for every student, every day of the school year.

Your donations to the Annual Campaign let us offer a program unlike any other public middle school in our city, where every kid - regardless of background or experience, engages in joyful, enriched learning enhanced by the arts.
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Does your company match your gift? Many companies will match their employees’ contribution, making your donation go even farther!  Contact [email protected] with questions about matching gifts, and any other questions you might have about the Campaign!