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Dismissal and Pick-Up Policy

As a school downtown, we consider ourselves to have an "Urban Campus" --- meaning we are within areas with both rich cultural resources and diverse populations, as well as, sadly, among people with questionable behaviors. In light of this, it is up to parents to determine what is best for their child when heading home after school.
At 3:00 p.m. Monday-Thursday, our regular school day ends, and on Friday, the day ends at 12:35 p.m.  All students who are NOT in After School are expected to head to their lockers to collect whatever they need to take home, and leave the building for pick-up, carpools, to walk home, to bus/Trax stops, or take their skateboards, bikes, and be on their way. We expect students to continue to model respectful behavior out in the community and take responsibility for their actions. Students may not wait in the Main Office or hallways until their ride arrives. They may wait in front of the school at the top of the stairs, at the tables, or by the church parking lot at 900 South & 200 East. Children waiting for rides are not considered part of the After School program. Please be timely when picking up your child or carpool.

Students who are enrolled in After School, experience our routine of snack in the Commons, and dismissal to their respective classes. When those classes end, we have the same dismissal policy as the end-of-day routine. This does not alter while the daylight savings time changes, nor with inclement weather. If you know you would like to have your child wait inside, please know the end time of your child's class and be available for pick-up on or before that time.
If you know you will be later than 5 minutes on a regular basis, or you simply want to have them inside with the change in sundown, please simply sign up for our Extended Day program. This is unstructured time where kids can hang out together and not be expected to do homework, unless he or she has the incentive on their own. If you wish to text your child to let them know you are outside, we do allow students to depart the building to go to you.
If you wish to come in to retrieve them, we stay in Ann Simm's room until 5:30 p.m.
Late fees will be assessed after 5:30 while we attempt to contact your child's ride and make sure someone is on their way. 
Parents are certainly welcome at any time to pick up their children early. 
There is no Extended Care on Fridays (after 3:00), so it is all the more important to know the end of the class time and be at the school then, or have your child know how they should get home on their own. Students may leave on their own for walking, biking, bus, Trax, etc. as usual.