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Wait List Policy & Procedures

Wait List Policy & Procedures

As much as we wish we had space for every student who would like to attend Salt Lake Arts Academy, our Charter requires us by law to select applicants via lottery, and to use a wait list if there are more applicants than spots available. Every applicant is assigned a number in the lottery, and the wait list is numbered as well. By law, wait-list positions do NOT roll over. If your student is wait-listed, you must submit a new application for next year in order to participate in next year’s lottery.

Ate the lottery is run, if your student is not accepted outright, you will receive an email letting you know which "tier" your student is in on the wait lst. The first "tier" includes the first 10 students, the second "tier" is the next 30 students, the third "tier" is everyone else.

We do encourage applicants to stay on the wait list for the duration of the school year for which they applied, as a few spots do open up during the year due to students moving or transferring schools. We call our wait-listed applicants in numerical order and offer them admission until one of them accepts the opening. We have in the past admitted students from the wait list as late in the year as May. Once admitted and attending SLArts, a student is guaranteed enrollment for all subsequent years at the school.