Dan Rose, 5th Grade Math and Science

Hello to you all. I teach 5th graders Math and Science.  I started teaching in 2000 and have been at the Arts Academy for over 15 years.  Both my parents were teachers and their example is one of the reasons I became a teacher. The fundamental reason I teach, however, is because I enjoy working with children. Seeing their eyes light up in that aha moment and hearing the dialogue as students teach each other is why I believe teaching is such a privilege.
I post daily agendas in each student's Google Classroom account. From there, most resources can be downloaded and/or printed when necessary. These are great resources for you and your student to see what we are learning in science and math. Expect no more than two optional homework assignments a week in math, 45 minutes of STmath at home, and only a few per term in science. 
In my classroom, I use inquiry based learning to help the children engage and become active learners. We also use growth mindset and encourage the students to overcome their fears and accept that making mistakes is a big part of learning.
In science, we use a myriad of source materials and hands on lessons to teach a survey course.  The topics covered in the year are matter - physical and chemical changes, magnetism, electricity, geology of Utah (erosion, weathering, earthquakes, and uplift), and inherited traits (with adaptations.) See digital book (5th Grade Science) listed in the files to your right.
Math in fifth grade covers so much of the maths that we use as adults. Here is a link to the standards we will cover. We currently use Bridges (the math learning center) as our 5th grade curriculum. We also use STmath as our digital extension. Students are required to do 90 minutes of STmath per week (half in class and half at home.)
I use a management system for class that uses gamification. It is called Classcraft. This award winning program helps students by making the learning process fun and exciting.
If for any reason you need to contact me, send me an email at [email protected]
Below are some of the worksamples from my science and math classes.