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Entering my 28th year teaching, I consider myself fortunate to be teaching PE and Reading Workshop Classes with the Salt Lake Arts Academy!

A teacher's background typically follows a rich pot potpourri of required licenses and desired pathways of education; my history is no different.
I teach 5th grade PE, Yoga and Pilates classes. I also train University of Utah students from the U of U Reading Clinic who work 1:1 with SLARTS students who struggle meeting their grade level reading goals.
PE includes course work with the following community programs:
  • Anatomy Academy (collaborative program with U of U & BYU pre-med students students)
  • First Aid (University Hospital Burn Unit)
  • CPR (Unified Fire Authority)
  • Utah bicycle program (Bike Utah)
With a Bachelor's in Science degree in Speech and Hearing (emphasis in Audiology and Deaf Education) and a Masters Degrees in Special Education & Exercise and Sport Science emphasizing Special Populations, Deaf and Hard of Hearing and Reading Specialist teaching certificates I was able to venture into the world of Special Education working with an eclectic group of students. I feel fortunate to have taught such inspiring children.

At the age of 50, I started my doctorate degree in Exercise and Sport Science emphasizing in Yoga and Special Populations. I was published in the Journal of Burn Care and Research for my work with Yoga and Pediatric Burn Survivors with the University Hospital's Burn Camps and presented in two American Burn Associations conferences.

On a more personal note, I've always been drawn toward physical activities. About 27 years ago, I took my high school class of Deaf students rock climbing in Huntington Beach, CA to SAFELY participate in a signing lesson about self confidence and empowerment; it was here, 27 years ago, that I met, who would later become, my husband! (I couldn't pass up a signing rock climber!)

In 2005, my family and I experienced a diagnosis of breast cancer and suddenly we found our lives making a turn not anticipated. After a year of treatment, and through my recovery process, I became a certified yoga instructor and started A Quality Life Community, a non-profit for cancer survivors (any cancer) for all people who find wellness through yoga, for FREE. Our non-profit currently pays 4 yoga teachers who teach in 6 hospitals, gyms and yoga studio settings throughout the Wasatch Front.

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