Markell McCubbin, M.Ed

Markell has considerable experience working with children of all ages and abilities and their families.
Markell grew up in Oregon, and attended Oregon State University, then graduated from the University of Utah. She double majored in Psychology and Gender Studies, and earned a minor in Ceramics.
After a handful of years in the field, she earned her Masters in Special Education from the University of Utah.
Markell has been committed to the development and pedagogy of education for over 15 years. 
She is a proponent of wholly supporting students as they develop into collaborators, investigators, evaluators and problem solvers. In addition to conventional classroom-based learning, Markell is a believer in recognizing the individual, the local community, and the surrounding environment as resources for learning. She thoughtfully crafts learning experiences that are relevant, dynamic and individualized for the various learning styles we all possess.
She is also known to laugh loudly and engage the class in a dance party if they appear too sleepy. 
She lives downtown with her sweet little family and beastly dog.
When not in the classroom, she can be found in her vegetable garden or on a mountain somewhere.